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For Asbestos we take samples of Potential Asbestos Building Material, and provide the appropriate documentation you will need.

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Core assess the best methods to safely remove all hazardous materials regardless if building is occupied or not.”


Core cleans up a worksite and leaves it better than found.

proper clearing certification can

Increase the value of your home

Insurance Coverage

Asbestos may not be covered under your home insurance policy. Remove it before a damage to the home occurs-when the cost of removal could be significantly higher.

Ready for Home Inspections

When it comes time to sell your property-a home inspection by the buyer could lead to costly credit towards removal of asbestos. Take control of the cost and be proactive in removing it ahead of time.

Attract more Buyers

If the asbestos is removed from the property you increase the number of potential buyers, who could have children or are starting a family, by removing health hazards to them.

Lawsuit Prevention

Once your property is sold, protect your new earnings from any potential lawsuit down the road from new buyers who might be impacted from asbestos health hazards.

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As one of the leading Project Monitor in the state working with over 30 asbestos contractors, I have been continually impressed with Core Environmental Services superior response timing and , attention to detail, as well as their positive attitude and work ethic of the crew and staff.
I have used Core Contracting Services for the last several years and found them to be professional, thorough and quick to respond my needs in every way. The staff at Core are responsive and trustworthy. I look forward to using them for years to come.
Utilizing Core on an abatement project in Charlotte NC, was the best decision we could have made! Jonathon, in particular, was able to drop into a job that had significant issues, with little to no prep and have an immediate positive impact. It would have been too easy to simply, take the typical stance of a third-party provider. Core did not! Our problem became their problem, and they became teammates immediately. The combination of the teaming mindset with their expertise and unrelating work ethic yielded results far above our expectations. My recommendation of Core is enthusiastic and unreserved!
Do I need a survey?

Yes. Any time you pull a construction permit in the state of Massachusetts, by law you must have an inspection done and materials tested in the areas you will be demolishing/renovating in a building.

What is our Process?

We conduct a pre site investigation, generally over the phone with the facility manager, then an onsite inspection, and finish with a full report write up sent to the client with the results from the lab.

How many samples do we take?

This depends on the size of the site, scope of work to be performed there. A better estimate can be given after an investigative phone call with the site coordinator.

How much time to inspect? 

This depends on the timeline of the client. As soon as we conduct a pre survey phone call, within 1-2 days, one of the inspectors can be onsite working, and the turnaround time on the sample results and report is dependent on the client’s needs.

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