Asbestos Inspection

For Residential


Years of Survey Experience

A skilled inspector takes time to know where to look in a building for Potential Asbestos Containing Building Materials. That is why ALL of our inspectors have been hired with years of experience in Core. They constantly stay up to date on changing regulations from DEP and know how it impacts investigations.

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Investigative Procedure

Pre Call 01

Prior to any on site investigation, a Core team member will ask questions about your intentions for the inspection, the type of building it is, and coordinate a time that works for our clients to come on site.

On Site02

Core arrives on site with the appropriate testing tools, in order to investigate in hard to reach areas, as well as behind different layers of materials. All inspectors use appropriate PPE.



Post lab results, Core with write up a survey when appropriate and provide next step remediation procedure. By being vertically integrated, we can also provide a proposal for remediation.

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