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Prior to performing any asbestos removal work, a regulated work area is established to isolate to effected area from the rest of the building. HEPA filters are used to prevent the asbestos fibers from migrating from the work area.


Workers put on protective suits and respirators and then enter the work area. Workers carefully remove the asbestos materials. All surfaces are vacuumed and wet wiped as a final clean.


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An encapsulant is applied that locks down possible asbestos fibers that may remain after final cleaning activities.


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Started in 2009 by owner Jack Mahoney, Core Environmental is fully licensed and insured. With offices in the New York and Boston area we serve businesses in the northeast and the mid-atlantic region

A skilled inspector takes time to know where to look in a building for Potential Asbestos Containing Building Materials. That is why ALL of our inspectors have been hired with years of experience in Core. They constantly stay up to date on changing regulations from DEP and know how it impacts investigations.
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